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Smooching Serpents Yasuragi

The Yasuragi is a room all by itself that contains many furnitures and settings for a Japanese style house and this is a add on for the Morphing Home 512 if you have it. If not, there is always a few link right at the end where you can get the base Morphing Home 512 for free.

This is the overview of the house and you can already see there is a great Sakura tree by the side of the 2 level house which contains a lot of expensive toys.

One of the first thing you will see when you enter the house is this table which consist of dining and sexual poses or even a bit of both at the same time. Body sushi is a local favorite for the rich and dirty but you can have it right at home now. The sushi are free as well, all you can eat.

Beside the table is the Bamboo Shibari rig which is a nice setup to practice Shibari (rope tieing) styles. There are plenty of suspense (and suspension) in the performance and would add to a great entertainment for the dining guests. 

Moving upstairs you will find a nice hammock swinging by the wind and it fits not one by 2 persons if necessary for some fun and relaxing moments. There are plenty of reasons to be able to enjoy a good relaxing nap or tan or even enjoys each other company right at home without having to go to the beach.

After a day of tiredness, what you really need is a great pool to relax and cool down. There are plenty of options and you can even change and customize the color and feel of this expensive looking jacuzzi that comes in the Yasuragi for free.

For those days when you had the perfect company, you will need the perfect toy for it. The Caged Kunoichi is one of the flagship product from Smooching Serpent and Kitty had reviewed it in the past:

Just the cost of this alone is already a good reason why you should consider getting the Yasuragi Morphing Home module!

Last but not least there is a relaxing Sakura tree and pond by the side where you can just chill and enjoy some air. Can you see the size of the tree? Did you spot how small Kitty is? 

And here is some tips when you are using the Yasuragi from Kitty herself. First rez the Morphing Home. Go to edit and drag the Yasuragi or other Morphing Home modules into the Content tab. IT would be very similar to the Dystopia which Kitty had recently shown you:

We probably like to have this raise to the sky or beyond. One common thing most of us did was to move the Morphing home up... Well you will realized you are still stuck on Planet Earth while the home has gone to Moon if you forgot to sit on it! Remember to sit on the Morphing Home module if you decide to move it!

The rest would be simple. Just click he lock and follow the menu. In case you have questions, do you know that Smooching actually has a Manual over here:

You will find the Morphing Home modules including Yasuragi over at the Smooching Serpents Main Store:

If you look hard on the wall, you will notice there is a secret bundle for the Morphing Home too... But Kitty will have to find out more before she can share that with you!

Get the Morphing Home Base for free now:

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