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Smooching Serpents BeachVilla

Who doesn't want to spend a nice weekend over at a Beachvilla by the sea listen to the waves. But what is even better is to spend it in your very own Villa with your own toys and settings. The BeachVilla from Smooching Serpents provides you with a module to the Morphing Home 512 (the base version is free!).

Kitty rez the BeachVilla high up in the sky not only so that you can swim in the clouds, but you can also clearly see what is included with the BeachVilla module. There is a huge 2 level beach house, with front pouch and a balcony, a sandy patch right outside the front with a pair innocent looking coconut trees. This is everything you need for a beach vacation.

Today, lets do something a little different from the rest of the Morphing House review. We are actually going to calculate how much this house would cost if we purchase all the items separately, whichever we can find anyway.

Ever got a naughty slave or girlfriend who needs some matter of training. There is no better way to do it then to ask her to be the stand in the very table you find when you enter the house. This way she get to train not only her discipline, but her physicals and balance as well. And this set of sofa is the Cool Approach which cost $1299L:

You do not want your guest to be bored which enjoying their drink or snacks, so there is a piano in fact for.. playing... be it the piano itself or with each other. I bet its everybody dream to at least try it on the piano, but you might actually break it in RL. So no worries, the Paino (No, its not a typo... I bet you will understand the naming when the cover slam on you :)) which has a great variety of colors and actions will cost you another $1999L if purchased on its own:

Let's head upstairs now. But where is the lift or staircase? No way, just click on the button and it beam you up after than Scotty can do it. Very convenient! Although I do not find this teleporter sold separately and neither is batteries is required.

Kitty just love nude tanning! And there is no better way to do it in her own villa and with cocktails and other options. In fact, grab a friend or a lover or anything in between since there is an extra bed around. But nobody is stopping you from sharing if that is what you want!

This Sunburn bench comes with bondage and other action and is retailed at $999L on its own:

 After the sun, its best to have a good milk bath to nourish the skin and enjoy some alone or not so alone time by the bathtub, exploring or just relaxing humming a little song. Kitty sure enjoy baths and this classic Love Soaked bathtub is another $999L on its own:

It's time for the main dish now. The Caged Lghtning is a power sex bed that comes with a fantastic arrays of option and props for many fantasies. This is totally the dirty dreams come true for solo, a couple or even grab one more for a 3some. There are sequences of actions or if you prefer tons of individual poses to work out all those limbs and even muscles you never even heard of.

The bed of the Caged Lightning comes with many options not just for actions, but for the looks as well. Scattered all the flowers for a romantic flight! There are plenty of mount points preconfigured and very safely locked chain to allow you to reach the skies easily while doing what you love.

You definitely do not need to sit on a uncomfortable iron throne to be a queen. The included chair that comes with the Caged Lightning is so much more comfortable and comes with many obedient poses to fulfill you lust for power.

You must have guessed it, the Caged Lightning, being one of the flagship product, is worth $4999L:

Let's not forget that innocent looking coconuts trees. IT is dangerous, Kitty told you! But it is not because you might get hit by a coconut while sitting under it, but this Coco Catch can be a trap that capture the victim into some hot steamy rendezvous. Coco Catch is similar to the Liana Lust which was just released:

And the Coco Catch is $899L on the marketplace:

So, what are the damage we are looking at? Its about $11200L ($11194L to be precise) and that is not even including the house itself. But guess what? If you buy the BeachVilla instead, it is only $6999L, which is rought 50% off and you get a convenient platform which you can rez and unrez the whole house easily with a click and moreover you can grab more cost saving modules for the Morhping House as well!

Grab the base Morphing House 512 now and start collecting the modules:

Kitty had also reviews other Morphing Home 512 modules:

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