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Petit Chat Manosque Cabinets

Ever want more Manosque items from Petit Chat? Well, good news! Petit Chat release another 4 items for the Manosque series andthese are nice cabinets for storage and it come in really colorful options similar to the rest of the furnitures in the series.

Kitty decides to show the 4 items to you in various colors she crazily mixed in. But you can see that they looks beautiful together no mater your choices. Color is just a way to express yourself. Let's take a closer look at the items.

These are the bigger pieces namely the Double Sideboard on the left as well as the Server on the right. The server visually looks like a set of drawers put in between the Double Sideboard. Both items feature the familiar flower design as other Manosque furnitures and there are plenty of space to work with. In fact for the Server, it seems its big enough even to lie on it. Shake head. Well we never know... Someday there might be adult furnitures from Petit Chat...

Here are the 2 other pieces with the Sideboard on the left and the drawers on the right. These looks like the smaller components that made up the 2 above and it gies you more flexibility to place there in any order your prefer. The possibility is limitless. All four of the cabinets comes in plain single color or a combination of selected color as such the drawers here. The choice is yours!

The Manosque Cabinets are availabe at the Petit Chat Main Store now:

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