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Moonstar Shannon

The Shannon from Moonstar is an outfit made for the traveling as it comes complete with a poncho overcoat which is of course waterproof and even a suitcase for your luggages.

Here is the beautiful red suitcase which comes with rolling animations and all the badges of various places your might had been to as well. It's time, but a stagecoach is really classic is it not? 

The Shannon is friendly for most animation and poses so even riding a coach is not much of a challenge. Notice that the pants is also build with great leather suitable for all sort of rough traveling. Fortunately we did not have to prove that the poncho is waterprrof. 

Here is a front view of the comfortable poncho hanging freely with most mesh bodies. A tree house! This is getting interesting for a trip. Kitty wonder what else could come next, but she is definitely ready for it in the Shannon outfit.

There is also a pair of red left earrings as a bonus to this outfit and if you like it, you could wear it all days like Kitty!

The Shannon is available over at the Dazzle event of May:

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