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Moonstar Rhapsody

The Moonstar Rhapsody is a grand looking dress great for any formal events and it comes in a cool Cyan color with a very stunning headpiece.

Whether it is a grand ball or even s simple damsel in distress, the Rhapsody looks fantastic with its eye chasing dress. You will notice a beautiful necklace here a well and it is included in the package. Now, all Kitty need is a hero to get her out of here. It is getting a little chilling.

You do not need to be the Queen of Dragons to look fantastic and royal because with the Rhapsody, that is exactly the feeling you will get. Even the mighty dragon would bow down to the majestic aura of the gown and Kitty definitely would appreciate a ride now.

The head dress is a wonderful piece which you can choose to use with the Rhapsody but you may also use it with other outfit as well because of the unique look. In a certain way, that definitely looks great in Lovecraftian roleplay. You will also the multi colored gems earrings and that is also included with the Rhapsody!

Feel the cool Rhapsody on your body by getting it over at the Dazzle May event now at the Moonstar booth:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.