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Mani Pedi On Time

There is another set of new nail paint from Mani Pedi this month and there are 8 shiny colors to choose from!

The signature Red color is always hot and shiny all throughout the day, even if you are near water. These nail paint are 100 percent waterproof!

Kitty decided to try out the Blue color of On Time as it matches her hair. The nail paint supports Maitreya, Slink and Omega so just apply it easily with the HUD.

Try out the Purple also because it matches Kitty's fringe and although the color may be a dark tone, the nail still shines very well. So Kitty is On Time with her nails ready, what are we waiting for?

Well, if you like the nail paint, you better be On Time as the price is $90L for this exclusive at the Dazzle event will not last forever:

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