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Emerald Couture Bronx Girl

The Bronx Girl from Emerald Couture comes in 7 fantastic colors and is consist of 2 pieces an da match pair of sneakers for each color.

Wet or dry, the Bronx Girl is suitable for all weather. See Kitty enjoying the sun by the pool in the Pink version. It does looks great especially when it matches the hair in similar cheerful tone.

The Peach version is subtle, but it doesn't means it is not great. With the checkered pants and light colored top, it is still a very sunny option for a tan any day. The outfit is easy to put on and is great on most poses standing or sitting and even lying down.

If you prefer something cooler, there is always the Blue version which you can try. This is great for chilling watching your plants or reading a book. Or if you change your mind, this is always great for a outdoor trip as it fits most of the mesh body perfectly.

The Bronx Girl is available (in other great colors as well) over at the Sponsor booth of Emerald Couture at Dazzle event now:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.