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Charme Wendy

The Wendy Hair from Charme is a set of 2 hairs actually with a normal and a windy version, so actually you get 2 hair for the price of one. There are 5 variations and each with about 8 or so choices of colors for the main hair as well as for the fringe. 

The Black always looks good especially with a cute high pony tail. This color is included in the Monotones pack and is easily customized with the provided HUD.

A walk by the lake is definitely going to bring out the windy feeling of the hair. You can feel the flow of the hair in the breeze and there is no better time to try out the Blondes. 

The Simple HUD makes dyeing just a click away with the simple choices of the main part or the fringes.

Be adventurous with the Reds and you will be surprise how well it looks sometimes, especially see how well it matches the red gloves. Kitty has also decided to play with the fringe colors and selected White to give it a really wild feeling.

Charme is one of the sponsors of the Dazzle event and Wendy is available at the booth now:

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