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Bare Rose GL ChestPlate

The Bare Rose GL ChestPlate is a new fantasy outfit that provides a girl enough armor to take on a dragon but yet not hinders the agility to avoid its fiery breathe.  

From head to toe, starting with the headpiece, armor with a thick chest plating for protection, battle skirt to tough leggings. There is also an matching angelic sword included of you decide to use it. 

Here is a close up of the armor where you can see the beautifully crafted decorations on the various pieces of the outfit and the winged headpiece is a nice touch to the outfit.

The head piece is something you can choose to put on or not, but from the look of it, it is likely going to stick with Kitty for a long time. The beautiful cheatplate is decorated with royal arts in golden shine metal giving you not just protection, but majestic beauty its in finest.

The GL ChestPlare is availabe at Bare Rose Main Store for only $210L:

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