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AvaGirl Sunny Boots

The Sunny Boots from AvaGirl is a trendy but simply boots which comes in 3 different designs. This boots goes perfectly well with the SunnyDress also released at the Dazzle event:

You may already noticed this pair of boots in the previous post when showcasing SunnyDress, so Kitty is going to show you that this boots can be fantastic even on its own. It works with most outfit and the you can see that this is one of the rare boots that fits the medium feet shape.

Prefer a string zipper? Do not worry, you do not need to actually tie them up yourself because they are done magically by the included HUD.

If laces is giving your headache, just go with the simple buttons! But there are not just buttons, they are heart shaped buttons! Now do you think they look lovely on Kitty. You know, you can own these too!

Grab the Sunny Boots (and perhaps the whole Sunny Set as well) at the AvaGirl booth at Dazzle:

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