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AvaGirl Boho Backpack

The Boho Backpack is a new release from AvaGirl for the Dazzle event and goes very well with the SunnyDress covered here:

Like the SunnyDress, there are pieces of patchworks which you can change to one of the 9 texture available through the HUD. However, what really makes the Boho Backpack different are the pair of little wings on the backpack itself. Kitty believe this must be a new creative trend.

Here is a good close up of the backpack together with the SunnyDress. Can you feel the texture on the bag and the wings itself? Kitty wish she have one of these in her RL because it is just so cute.

Hurry up and get the cute Hobo Backpack before it flies away at the Dazzle event:

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