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Angel of Pain Hunt 2019

The Angel of Pain Hunt for 2019 is on now and there are a total of 30 box to find giving your clue which leads to the final box which contains your prize.

The hunt will cover several beautiful sims which are good photo spots and you may already realized that Kitty had been using them lately. The sims include:

  • Angel of Pain BDSM Island
  • M&P
  • DaeSigns
  • Whimberly
  • Lebensraum

The prize is a statue where you can place in your home or sim. The statue is modifiable which means you can change the texture and even include a notecard which to give when someone click on it. Otherwise there is always  customizable messages on the chalkboard, but some of it is in German though.

Well have fun.
Start the Angel of Pain Hunt here:

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