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TRS Designs Betsy Dress Flower

TRS Designs has another flowery dress for the Dazzle event of April and it comes with various mesh support for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya etc

The Betsy Dress Flower is a simple dress that wears comfortably for all occasion and it is the definite choice for a walk downtown on a sunny day. Look at how the silky feel of the dress glides along Kitty's body. Want to get something to drink?

Whether in the street or seated in a cafe, there is no limit to where the Betsy Dress can bring you. It feel casual enough and not overly formal so it is a great wear for hanging out with friends or even a simple afternoon with a book and a cup of coffee. Best of all is that, you already brought your own flowers on the dress!

The Betsy is available at the Dazzle April event now and it is an exclusive for this event:

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