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Sweet E's Cherry Blossom Eva Babydoll

The Cherry Blossom  Eva Babydoll from Sweet E's Design comes in 2 set of colors. One of them is with the darker tones and the one on the bottom with lighter colors. Both pack consists of 8 colors easily selected with the given HUD and the outfit comes fitted for most mesh bodies.

Let's have a look at the darker shades. This is one of Kitty's favorite as it has almost black except for the cherry blossom in pink giving it the deserving contrast. This is a cool and mysterious colors for a great evening by the fireplace.

Within the darker tones there are several colors such as blue, green or this magenta look. The dark reddish tone does well with the paler flower petals. Notice how well the outfit fits with Kitty's Maitreya with zero adjustment! 

There is the other set with lighter colors such as this light blue which radiates with a cheerful feeling suitable for all the quiet and relaxing moments. Comes join Kitty and have a seat? Notice how the colors of the dress does not goes white even in the bright lighting.

If you like lighter tone but not too flashy, why not try this gray version? This is perfect for a walk in the garden not attracting too much attention from the fairies and butterflies What, the fairy has noticed? It must be the beautiful petals on the Cherry Blossom  Eva Babydol!

Get this cute outfit over at the Sweet E's booth over at the Dazzle event now:

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