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StoraxTree Rug Factory Persian Collection

StoraxTree's Rug Factory has some new release this month and it is 6 exclusive Persian designs for the Dazzle event.

Let's tale a look one this 2 designs which Kitty's calls black and white, primary because of the hight contrasting colors for the one in black ring and the one which has a white other ring. Both of them are made with different texture and there are highly detail so it doesn't matter if you zoom close or far out, they will look sharp.  

If you prefer something with some colors, you can try this in pale red or the one in navy blue on the right. Both of them have similar Persian designs. The great thing about the rugs from Rug Factory is that they are easily laid onto the floor and all comes with realistic folds, not just perfectly flat. But rest assure that you will not trip on them and they feel just warm. Perfect for the fireplace!

The last 2 pieces in this series is one with a similar dark ring as the black but with different inner texture and another piece with a orange overtone. No matter what is your preference, you should at least find one piece here which you like. The rugs are sold at $50L only and there is no reason why your wooden board should be so plain.

The rugs from Rug Factory is available exclusively at the Dazzle event now:

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