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Bare Rose Red Harmin

The Red Harmin is a new release from Bare Rose featuring a European looking formal outfit that pretty much looks like a school uniform to Kitty. And this version comes with 3 different colors for the tie as well as the skirt.

If there is a joy in being a student, then it must be something to do with books. And the book sales is best to go in the Red Harmin because not only is it trendy, it looks perfectly formal but fun. It beats wearing a blazers all the time like in some magical schools! And red and black is more or less Kitty's favorite colors!

It is time for class and the Blue version of the tie and skirt is not too flashy but it gives a rather cooling effect to the fire flaming red overtone of the Red Harmin. Look at the sleeves and buttons, there are made from great quality material and definitely comfortable even for a long day at class.

There is a 3rd option of having the red tie and red skirt as well to give it a overall fiery feel to the Red Harmin. Is Kitty just giving a presentation or it almost looks like she is the teacher in the class indeed.

You can get the Red Harmin over at Bare Rose today at $200L:

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