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Bare Rose Light Bunny Tutu

What is pink, has cute little wings and comes with lots of flowers? This is the Light Bunny Tutu from Bare Rose. And this is one of the brightest and more cheerful outfit to be in for the season!

No bunny suit is complete without a pair of tall rabbit ears, but the Bunny Tutu doesn't just have a pair of rabbit ears, there are flowers on the ears and it even comes with a pair of cute little wings. Optional of course, but where else do you see fairy rabbits?

The ears is not the only place with flowers. You will see the flowers all over the fluffy skirts with ribbons. In face if you looks closely, the boots has flowers too and soft fluffy balls.

The most signature item of the Bunny Tutu is perhaps the chest pieces which comes with a cute rabbit mask. This will fill you days with hops of joy anytime. Here is a close up of the outfit so you can see all the flowers and ribbon in good details.

You will find the Light Bunny Tutu at Bare Rose for only $190L:

P.S. Stay tune as the Maitreya version is not out yet, but Kitty is wearing it on her Maitreya anyway.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.