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Bare Rose Deucalion Lady

The Deucalion Lady is a special armor that is available for the Fantasy Faire 2019 and it is a dark armor in purple and red. The Deucalion comes with a winged heargear as well as a huge sword but is entirely optional.

Looking for the treasure in the goddess statue? You will have to go through Kitty with the Deucalion Sword first! The sword is themed in similar colors with the outfit but it can be used with other outfit is you like as well.

The Deucalion used high quality texture and it is light for traveling as well be it on horseback or even in a carriage. You will find that it is not only very warrior like, but there is a proud feminine side to it as well. 

Here is a good clear back view of the armor and you will see how the plated dress is filled with bright red colors. This is a clear warning for anyone who intend to mess with you. With Kitty guarding you in the Deucalion armor, you have nothing to fear!

The Decaulion Lady and other Deucalion armor are available at the Bare Rose carriage at the Fantasy Faire 2019 event now:

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