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AvaGirl Jasmine

The new Jasmine dress from AvaGirl is a color piece that comes with a HUD with 6 colors selection, but there is more to it though. Kitty will explain shortly for this dress good for both human and feline as well!

Time to relax in one of the cooler color of Purple and you can see the detail of the flower texture accompanied by layers of frills which makes this dress look fabulous. And it is perfect as an evening dress for parties as well!

This HUD looks simple, with the 6 main colors. But there is more than meets the eyes. Did you notice all the little labels beside the colors? We shall see what we can do with them!

The labels actually let you customized the frills and straps on the dress, giving you a lot of options to mix and match various colors. Look at what Kitty had made. Do you like this colorful combinations?

Get the Jasmine dress from the Dazzle event now:

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