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TRS Designs Avril Dress Heart

TRS Design has a new dress at the Dazzle event and it is the Avril Dress Heart which has a nice cute heart design on the chest that nobody will miss on the black back color.

Here we have a really good view of the dress that clear shows the red heart on the black dress and you will also notice the golden stripes near the edge of the dress. Good thing this is in black, I suppose the gas won't fill itself...

Whether is a outing in the sun or just a short bicycle ride along the harbor, there is always a reason for the Avril Dress as it is cheerful and protects you well from the wind and sun. I guess it is also a plus that it is in the 2 favorite colors of Kitty : Red and Black!

The Avril Dress Heart is an exclusive to the Dazzle event of March, so get it soon:

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