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Bare Rose White Nene

Welcome to Kitty's Horror Night and this time, Kitty is going to bring along this white innocent looking White Nene from Bare Rose and show you how it can look fantastic in a eerie environment.

With a good lighting, the pure White Nene can shine even under the pale moonlight and with the cute ribbon, Kitty will not be scared even in this spooky town alone. What? What little girl? There is no little girl! Run!

What is an innocent girl like Kitty doing in a horrifying town like this? But at least the other girl you saw is not following. Aha, a coffee shop, maybe we shall have a cup of coffee here. I am sure the boss will give Kitty with the white ribbon on her hair some discount. What? Oh No! You mean that WAS the boss hanging there! Gross... Luckily the White Nene is not easily stained. Let's go before a zombie pops up.

Ok, this must be the way out. Kitty move easily among the tree in the White Nene easily because it is well fitted for the Maitreya and she glides so gracefully someone might mistaken her for a ghost actually. But does ghost's gown reflect light? The back of the White Nene is both graceful but it can be ghastly if you want it to be in the poor light. What no legs? Kitty has no legs? No! Does that mean? (To be continue... No not really)

Join in the fun and get yourself a nice piece of White Nene at Bare Rose Main Store:

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