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Smooching Serpents Bamboo Prism EXP

When it comes to Shibari or Japanese Rope Art, it must be done properly and with a Bamboo rack, this Bamboo Prism from Smooching Serpents seems to get it right! And the EXP version is an upgraded version of the original Bamboo Prism.

The new series of Smooching Serpent items include its own capture system known as Forced EXP:
In short, set it right and it allow you to capture and restrict someone with the need of RLV and it is much much simpler than messing around with RLV!

You do not need to be Spider-man to experience suspension from ropes. The Bamboo Prism comes with lots of poses which involves hanging on the ropes away from the ground!

The simple looking Bamboo Prism contains lots of animation for solo and couples and plenty of restrictive play only limited by your imagination. The rack also includes its unique rope cuff and harness giving you a more realistic look without messing around with the mesh layers.

Up, Down and Sideways. Been long enough on the rack and soon you will forget which is which. All sort of kinky positions for you to experience and to enjoy. And Kitty promise you that these are good quality ropes which will not introduce rope burn.

There are many mount points to ankle these ropes and can you imagine spending hours setting it up, but it is only a click away with the menu. The animation is realistic and even taking it off is a simple click away. Now that is what I call a quickie!

Get the Bamboo Prism from marketplace:

Or visit Smooching Serpent for a test, cash and carry:

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