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Smash Visionary Reserve & Candles

Like a place with a small pond and some candles for you to meditates or think about something? This is what the Visionary Reserve from Smash is for!

The Visionary Reserve comes in various colors or moods as Kitty would call it. They are named "The Calm", "The Guardian", "The Passion" and "The Reliable". Notice that the papyri comes with a sit and animation for meditation and the candles are actually rezzed together with it, but can be detached and moved, rotated on its own, giving you more flexibility in making a perfect place for that quiet time!

If you are adventurous like Kitty, you can even try this! Get more than one of the Visionary Reserve and mix the candles together to form a vortex of light! In this way, you can have as many colors as you desires! Now, Kitty is considering taking a nice nap too!

The Visionary Reserve is an Exclusive for the Dazzle event and you better get it before the even is over in Feb 25th:

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