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Petit Chat Shabby Kitchen Set

Petit Chat has another set of nice furniture for The Chapter Four event and it is a nice kitchen set which include some nice kitchen items you do not find easily.

The Shabby Kitchen comes with a counter top table and a nice tab side stool which includes many sitting position for both boys and girls. 

There are a total of 8 pieces in this set from the baskets, one with the oranges to the jug and cups set which is able to sit nicely in the flowery try. The rolling pin, well can be used for baking or chasing away any unwanted guest to the tea party.

Kitty would like to show you something fun to do with this Tumblers and Pitcher. Looks at all the colors! Yes, these are fully tintable and you can make many many different combinations with a simple edit.

To change the colors, simply right click on it and select "Edit". Then look into the "Texture" Table and click on the Color box (which is in white by default). Select something fun and you can bring you own cup for the party! Food? Well, there are plenty of oranges, isn't it? :)

Get all of these for only $285L at The Chapter Four event now:

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