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Luxury Fashion Lili Dress

The Lili Dress from Luxury Fashion is one one of the exclusive item on sale over at the Dazzle February event and it comes with a HUD for some fantastic surprises!

As the name suggest, the Lili Dress comes in very flowery texture which is well suited for the Spring time. Even the Pelicans agrees on this!

The HUD allows you to make changes to the texture and can you see that there is not just 1 or 2, but a total of 5 flowery textures and another 10 in plain colors!

There is always a good time for a dark textured dress, be it for a casual walk along the stream or roleplaying as a visitor at the local pub. From the folds to the buckles on the belt, all of it is of great quality mesh which is suitable for most supported mesh bodies.

If dark is not your thing, there is always bright and sunny selections which is great all year long under the best lights. The pink is so cheerful, I bet that even the hippos thinks Kitty is a walk flower, or Lily in this case!

The Dazzle event for February is on and there is always lots of fun especially with a flowery dress like the Lili over at the booth from Luxury Fashion:

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