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Lurve Sweet Sleeper

The Sweet Sleeper from Lurve is a pair of very comfortable pajamas for every girl and it even comes with a matching teddy bear to keep you safe at night!  

The Sweet Sleeper comes in 6 fantastic colors and this is the violet version. The outfit comes in 2 pieces, so if you own more than one colors, feel free to match them up. After all, nobody is going to say anything about right or wrong as long as it is comfortable when it come to sleep ware!  

If you love something red and sweet, try out the pink version where you can see the same loving hearts decorated all over the sleeper. Do you love the teddy bear, especially when it does not just fall off the bed on its own? 

All the Sweet Sleepers colors are available, but here is a secret. The Red version is an exclusive for the Dazzle February event! So do not miss it if you are a big fan of red:

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