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LR Squire Sword

The Squire Sword is the latest weapon from LR and even if it is name Squire Sword, it comes with a shield and perfectly suitable for a hero or heroine in this case!

Here is the ride, but who is this mysterious heroine?  You can perfectly see the large shield and sword sheath safely on her back. The color may look dull for now, but that is because Kitty had not use the included HUD and intend to stay low profile until the boat ride is over anyway.

The friendly HUD included with the Squire Sword allow you to change quite a few color components on the shield and sword as well as resizing the blade.

Now there is no need to hide the shine no longer. The shield and the sword can be colored with gold lining and silvery shine. Now, you said you know how to get there, or are you just trying to rob me? Kitty might have to introduce you to her new "friends" who might hurt you real bad.

Here you can see the blade may not shine in the shadow, but the golden handle cannot be hidden. If you prefer something different, feel free to make changes in the HUD.

The Squire Sword (and Shield) is at a good 25% discount over at the We Love Roleplay event:

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