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Cygnus Desgins Queen of Hearts Gown

The Queen of Hearts Gown from Cygnus Desgins is one of the grand looking exclusive at the Dazzle event. It comes with in 10 fantastic texture easily controllable via a friendly HUD.

Here is one of the featured texture in magenta and does it looks elegant even in little light. This is a perfect evening gown!
This is the HUD and you can be sure that Kitty is already so excited with all the fantastic looking variations available on the Queen of Hearts.

This is another one of Kitty's favorite and it is a dark purple gown with purple lining, mix together with some strips of yellow for the top. All the combinations must had been handcrafted! 

This is an exclusive item at the Dazzle February event, so make sure you get it at the Cygnus Designs store:

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