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Bare Rose Vivired

The Vivired from Bare Rose is a new dress, mainly in Red but with options for the tie,ribbons and dress to be in different colors

Here is one combination of the Vivired with the black tie and white skirt with the ribbon in red. Because there are 3 items which can be changed to either of the colors, you can actually make the Vivired a bit different everytime with a simple click.

How about the skirt and ribbon in black instead and a red tie to go with the dress? No matter what is your preference, it always looks good with the main Red dress and sleeves that comes with the red buckles.

The Vivired comes as a complete outfit like most other Bare Rose products. The black stockings and shoes is not just a good match for the Vivired, but you can actually use it with other outfit as well. The back view of the vivired will allow you to see the fanciful folds on the skirts as well as the 3 pairs of red buckles on the sleeves. I wonder what will the fortune teller say to Kitty. Will she be able to predict what colors Kitty would be wearing in the Vivired?

Get your very own Vivired today and tell Kitty what is your favorite colors:

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