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Bare Rose Deucalion Lady

The Deucalion Lady from Bare Rose is a nicely crafted armor that comes complete as an outfit with a big sword, just in case you need it.

Here is Kitty with the big sword that comes with the Deucalion Lady. There are several optional pieces  other than the sword, including the head pieces. But I think it looks pretty cool, Kitty is going to keep that!

Here is a back view where you can see the many detail metallic pieces including the battle dress and boots. Looks like you can never too over protective when it comes to dangerous adventures.

The front of the Deucalion Lady is a good mixture of a dark black underarmor, covered in silvery plates. No point wishing for a knight in shiny armor when you can be one yourself!

Get you very own shiny armor from Bare Rose today:

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