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TinRoof I Work Out

It's the start of as new year and there is no better way to spend it than to get fit! "I Work Out" from TinRoof is what you really need! A comfortable outfit for all your sweating and it even comes with words on the outfit saying... "I Work Out" obviously!

The outfit is available in 2 parts, the top and bottom and it comes in 6 different colors. You can also customize the watch as well!

The Red version is flashy and it definitely perfect to spice up the year. Gym will never be dull again.

If attention is not what you need, feel free to try out other not so bright colors for a quiet time on your work out in peace.

There is no rules to say you cannot mix the colors! Kitty try out a White top and Black shorts combination! Do you like it? Hei, stop looking at under boob and give me a hand?!!

A watch is included so that you do not lose track of time or to tell you how much more you have to endure to burn that X number of calories!

The "I Work Out" outfit is available at the TinRoof booth over at the Dazzle January event:

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