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Storax Tree Boho Upholstered Chairs

There are not 2 but 4 chairs being showcased at the Dazzle event from Storax Tree. There are 2 loveseats, a Sofa for 3 and a Arm Chair for you to relax on.

The Loveseats comes in 2 versions with some differences in the pillow position and texture and both features 23 poses for boys and girls.

This is the other loveseat and can you tell the different position of the pillows? This version, both sitters has their pillows while the previous one of them has both!

Prefer something larger? There is a sofa that seats 3 and contains the 23 poses as well. Always great for a party!

For all your quiet moments be it enjoying a glass a wine or reading a novel, there is the Storax Tree Boho Upholstered Arm Chair for yourself where you can enjoy some quality time on your own!

Visit the Storax Tree booth for all these Exclusives chairs at the Dazzle event:

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