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Storax Tree Boho Birdhouses and Candles

Storax Tree has once again invited birds to sing your way to spring with some candles in a Boho style with a choice of 3 type on sale over at Dazzle event January.

This is what Kitty would call the "wide" version (or A3 as listed) consists of 3 hours with the center with vines and 2 pairs of candles.

If you find that the wide version is too wide for you, there are 2 variations which comes with 2 birdhouses instead of 3 and one pair of candles. You see 2 variation of it, one with a vines birdhouse and the other not. Kitty has also shown you here that the candles can be lighted or not and you can immediately tell the different in brightness on the left and right.

The Boho Birdhouses and Candles are on sales over at the Storax Tree booth at the Dazzle event at $60L each:

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