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SMASH Stop the Clock

Time flies but at least you can "Stop the Clock" with the latest outfit from SMASH and it is a almost steampunk crop top with gears and clock on it. And it comes in 3 fantastic colors!

The SilveredIris version is a elegant looking piece which is good for any sporty event in this coming year. Wanna go for a sail on my boat?

The PeachyGold veriosn shines with a bright golden background with black gears in high contrast. This is definitely the outfit this a sunny day! This is great to get some sun on your skin too!

The RosyLilac is perhaps the more feminine version with the cure rosy pink background. You can never blame a friend for liking pink can you? Looks like the wind is up, you should know that this crop top is available at the Dazzle January event now, so let's go?

And here we are! Get your own "Stop the Clock" at the SMASH booth at the Dazzle Hanuary event now:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.