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Shei Shapes Tricia Shape for Catwa

If you got a catwa, you should know how hard it might be to come by some great shape for your body. Well, you are in luck, Shei Shape has the Tricia for January round of the Dazzle event!

The Tricia is a natural looking shape which goes nicely with your catwa without modification, but there is also a mod version included so that you can make changes to your heart's desire and you can many copies of it for different shapes too!

Here is a close up of the shape and you already tell how natural looking this is, cutting you the hassle of making so many modification but still is unhappy with some part too fat, or too thin or simply just not right.

The Tricia is a perfect choice for the times you will be spending in hot tubs, but it is also great with clothes and you can be perfectly confident of the shape to stand out. Kitty is using Maitreya and she assured you she did not even touch the shape at all to archive all the effects here.

Perfect time to get in shape (without going to gym!) with the Tricia now over at the Shei Shapes booth at the Dazzle event:

P.S. Do not forget the gift over on the bottom right!

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