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Brii Dressed to Love Hunt 2

Another month with a new Dressed to Love Hunt from Brii Underground Wear. There are 10 sexy outfit at the price of $6L each, if you can find them in the store.

Some of the hunt items includes currently featured items such as the above, so it might be quite a good catch. Literally.

Start your hunt today at:

Mani Pedi Daybreak

Mani Pedi has a new set of nail polish for the Dazzle event and its the Daybreak, giving you a good spectrum of colors from the dawning sun.

You just have to try red when you are trying out the nail polish because it could very well be the most popular color. The red look fantastic and it give such a good shine especially in good lighting.

There is always blue when red is too common. The cold blue Daybreak give you such a refreshing feeling, especially at the start of the day. Kitty is pretty sure it has nothing to do with the waterfall though.

The Daybreak is available at the Dazzle event at Mani Pedi booth for $130L and it is available for Slink, Omega and Maitreya. Get it now as this is an exclusive item:


Petit Chat Carly Bracelet Shimmering Sunset Edition

The Group group for Petit Chat for January is the Carly Bracelet in Shimmering Sunset edition which comes with choices of 6 colors for the components.

You can try out different colors and remember you can even customized the bracelet separately using the HUD and wearing one of them at a time. Do you think the color goes well with Kitty's dress?

To get this free, just join the Petit Chat Group:

Visit Petit Chat Store for other promotions to to join at the store for the Daisies Group gift:

Petit Chat Vintage Glass Frames

I am sure there is a time your mind had wondered off looking at the tainted glass in some church or buildings. Now you can have that beautiful glass frame right in your own house with the Petit Chat Vintage Glass Frames.

The Vintage Glass comes in 4 colors and here are 2 of them : Candy and Mint. Do they remind you of sweets? There are some holes where you can see through as you can see here.

The 2 other colors Natural and Teal gives you more choices and you can always mix and matches these easy to install glass frames in your home today!

You will find the Vintage Glass Frames at 2x1 street at The Chapter Four:

Petit Chat Louison

The Louison Set from Petit Chat consists of 2 individual bracelet and a necklace all which can be customized with the included HUD for the various components from flowers to the chain metal.

The light color of the flowers with darker beads can be a delightful way to chase away the winter and bring the spring back to your life.

Or if you are in the mood for something more adventurous, you can always have dark flowers instead. There are so many combinations you can try out.

Here is the HUD where you can choose the 4 components out of 6 colors!

The Louison Set is available over at The Chapter Four now and it is 50% off:

Bare Rose Salolita C3

The Bare Rose Salolita looks like a working dress with a heart pocket right on the chest. This outfit comes in 2 colors allowing you to choose between the back or the white.

The white Salolita looks pure as snow and you can tell from the pure 1 color from top to bottom. Notice the detail folding on the multi layered dress and golden buckles on the suspended layer makes it looks really casual and fun. 

The Black Salolita replaces some parts of the dress, making it black with contrast to the white pieces. The stockings can be changed to black to match the black shoes as well.

You will find the Salolita C3 and other fashion products at Bare Rose Main Store:


Storax Tree Boho Upholstered Chairs

There are not 2 but 4 chairs being showcased at the Dazzle event from Storax Tree. There are 2 loveseats, a Sofa for 3 and a Arm Chair for you to relax on.

The Loveseats comes in 2 versions with some differences in the pillow position and texture and both features 23 poses for boys and girls.

This is the other loveseat and can you tell the different position of the pillows? This version, both sitters has their pillows while the previous one of them has both!

Prefer something larger? There is a sofa that seats 3 and contains the 23 poses as well. Always great for a party!

For all your quiet moments be it enjoying a glass a wine or reading a novel, there is the Storax Tree Boho Upholstered Arm Chair for yourself where you can enjoy some quality time on your own!

Visit the Storax Tree booth for all these Exclusives chairs at the Dazzle event:

Storax Tree Clock Table

What can be better than a working clock, but also doubles as a table? This concept is behind the Storax Tree Clock Table which is only 3 LI and provides you a piece of furniture to both place items as well as tell time!

The Clock Table is filled with gears and spring in a steampunk style and it is a perfect piece for this coming season for a new look. Can you tell what time it is now? 

Get yourself a clock or a table or why not BOTH over at the Storax Tree booth at the Dazzle event:

P.S. This is a Dazzle Exclusive item, so Kitty won't promise you that you can get it after the event is over!

Storax Tree Boho Follage Planter

It's time to update your plants for the spring season and Storax Tree has 3 fantastic looking planters complete with free stands and only 2 LI!

Look at all the green leaves and you can already smell the essences of spring. Choose from these 3 different plants and pot designs and why not just take all of them? They are sold at $60L each at the Dazzle event now.

Locate the Storax Tree store for these Follage Planters and other great items:

Storax Tree Boho Snowglobe and Candles

Still in the mood for snowglobes? Do not worry, although Xmas is over, there is still plenty of time to gaze upon some really fantastic snowglobes from Storax Tree and they even come with candles for a better view!

The A3 and B3 versions comes with a low stand and one feature a snow man with Christmas trees while the other a lone deer leaping over snow piles.

If you prefer taller versions, the C3 and D3 comes with taller stands and candles. Ever home deserve a nice snowglob, which one will you choose?

The Boho Snowglobes and Candles are available now at the January Dazzle event:

Storax Tree Boho Birdhouses and Candles

Storax Tree has once again invited birds to sing your way to spring with some candles in a Boho style with a choice of 3 type on sale over at Dazzle event January.

This is what Kitty would call the "wide" version (or A3 as listed) consists of 3 hours with the center with vines and 2 pairs of candles.

If you find that the wide version is too wide for you, there are 2 variations which comes with 2 birdhouses instead of 3 and one pair of candles. You see 2 variation of it, one with a vines birdhouse and the other not. Kitty has also shown you here that the candles can be lighted or not and you can immediately tell the different in brightness on the left and right.

The Boho Birdhouses and Candles are on sales over at the Storax Tree booth at the Dazzle event at $60L each:


Shei Shapes Tricia Shape for Catwa

If you got a catwa, you should know how hard it might be to come by some great shape for your body. Well, you are in luck, Shei Shape has the Tricia for January round of the Dazzle event!

The Tricia is a natural looking shape which goes nicely with your catwa without modification, but there is also a mod version included so that you can make changes to your heart's desire and you can many copies of it for different shapes too!

Here is a close up of the shape and you already tell how natural looking this is, cutting you the hassle of making so many modification but still is unhappy with some part too fat, or too thin or simply just not right.

The Tricia is a perfect choice for the times you will be spending in hot tubs, but it is also great with clothes and you can be perfectly confident of the shape to stand out. Kitty is using Maitreya and she assured you she did not even touch the shape at all to archive all the effects here.

Perfect time to get in shape (without going to gym!) with the Tricia now over at the Shei Shapes booth at the Dazzle event:

P.S. Do not forget the gift over on the bottom right!


Sweet E's Designs Clock Paige

Feeling casual and fresh for the new year? There is a new outfit Clock Paige from Sweet E's Designs and it is a featured product at the Dazzle January event.

The Clock Paige outfit comes in 3 parts. The Kinley tank top is a black themed cooling top which can be great even on its own. There is an additional Long Sleeve Sweater with the clock and gears theme for the Dazzle in white background to add a little contrast to the full black top. The Lorna Jeans is a mixture of the other two, but it comes in 3 favors on its own, fitting Flat, Mid and High to fit your feet accordingly.

Here is a close up where you can see the gears on the outfit sharp. There is a slightly steampunk taste to it as well. 

The back of the jean and sweater is also covered with the gears patterns. There are also back pockets on the jeans for your little something along the road.

The Clock Paige is available at the Dazzle event now and it is an exclusive:

P.S. This is only $99L and if this is not a steal, I do not know what it...


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.

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