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Smooching Serpent Petit Roissy Mansion

The Petit Roissy Mansion from Smooching Serpents is an addon module to the Morphing Home 512. But fear not, the Morphing Home 512 Base is actually free so grab it at the marketplace or at the Smooching Serpents Store. 

The Petit Roissy Mansion consist of a main building with all the good stuff built into it and a plot of land for a vine frame with a picnic table to feast and get close. There is an empty space to rez another furniture piece if you like as well.

The Vines frame is set up nicely to give the picnic table with wines and lots of tasty stuff to start the evening or even the day. The shadows casted by the vines is artistic and coupled with the dances of the butterflies, this makes a perfect romantic start to any rendezvous.

The first thing you will notice when you enter the mansion is the cosy sofa set with the teapot filled with warm tea. You can even see the smokes out of it. Definitely a new brew. But do not underestimate this sofa set as it is more than what it seems. There are capture and bondage poses for all the unsuspecting guests.

Every home deserve a fireplace to keep warm so that you can dance and play around the rug in the warmth of the fire, especially on a cold day outside. Turn up the heat now if you free it is too much hassle to even get up to the room upstairs.

There is an expensive bed upstairs if you make it up there, filled with lots of fantastic animations and poses from soft foreplay to bdsm and more. The best part is that, all you need is the cuffs that is more or less universal for Smooching Serpents product and the ropes will automatically do the rest. Tell me about being bounded on the bed.

There is a binding post for some discipline in the balcony right in front of the colored stained glass. Plenty of time to get some teaching going. The post is beautifully sculptured in the roman style and you can feel the majestic touch of the cold stone. Better be a good girl/boy than ending up here.

After a day of hard work, there is always some time for a good bath and if you feel like it, there are menu supporting all sort of interaction in the bath tub even before you get to bed. The bath tub is modern looking and comes with option for you to change its looks and feel like all the rest of the furnitures in this house. Come join in, if you did not mind being a little crowded...

Get your very own Petit Roissy Mansion at Smooching Serpents:

If you require the free Morphing Home Base, get it on the marketplace:


LR Feathered Boomerang

The Feathered Boomerang is a cute addition to the LR series of weapons and it is a new release for the event at We Love Roleplay.

The HUD allows you to customized this colorful weapons to any of the flashy colors and you bet all of them are cute. Look at thus one which Kitty had customized. It is a perfect weapon for the magic girl and when nicely sheath, nobody will understand how dangerous this can be.

As you can see the HUD here, there are a big palette of colors for you to choose from to color the jewel, feather as well as the metal as well.

When drawn, it feel nicely in your hand, but you can also customized it easily with the HUD to grow or shrink to your size.

Want to see this fly? You better stand behind Kitty because if this hit you, it will hurt!

Hurry up and get this at the discounted price of $375L at the We Love Roleplay event:


Shei Shapes Luanna Shape

The Luanna Shape from Shei Shapes is a prebuild body shape that save you all the time and effort making all the adjustment. Whether you plan to use it as it is, or use it as a base to start editing your own, this is a good start and it is quite cost effective.

This is Kitty is Maitreya and Catwa Head using the Luanna Shape. There are many other options for various type of head to be found at the booth for Shei Shapes. The shape is easy to use and provides a high compatibility with many outfit as well.

Nothing like a nude run or swim especially when you have the shape to show off right? Kitty is enjoying herself in he Luanna shape and you can too!

Check out Luanna shape at the Shei Shapes booth and other shapes at the Dazzle event now:

Bare Rose Purple Diacloak

The Purple Diacloak from Bare Rose is an outfit that is made for any adventurers, no matter if you are a magic user or a warrior! The outfits radiates a magical aura that makes people think either you are a witch or a magic girl! But the outfit also comes with an awesome sword that will make you think twice if you plan on robbing Kitty!

The long curved sword is beautifully crafted and feel elegant even for Magic Girl Kitty. But you do want to stay clear of the swing path because I imagine it would cut really well. The outfit is otherwise very attractive and mysterious in its dark purple color which is the perfect color for a magic girl.

Notice how well the outfit goes with Kitty's hair? It seems this season is the season for witches too! The bat like cape and boots makes Kitty almost looks like a super heroine BatGirl. I believe this outfit has many possibility and is fitted for many type of roleplay. This means this outfit is really worthy for the $L spent!

You will find the Purple Diacloak at Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Red Vinyl Maid

The Red Vinyl Maid from Bare Rose is a latex feeling shiny outfit in bright red for maids!

The outfit shines with glittering lights from the latex material of the outfit from the dress to the boots. It has a good combinations of the bright red with the plain white apron and high socks to give it a perfect combination, topping it with a classic ribbon on the chest. There is also an included hair band, but it can be optional. 

The back view of the Vinyl Maid is filled with cuteness from the over sized white ribbon. Does it makes you want to pull at it?

Whether you have someone to serve or not, try out the Red Vinyl Maid or check out other colors at the Bare Rose Main Store:

The Rug Factory Ice Cream Rug

The Rug Factory has 4 fantastic rugs featuring a cooling ice cream cone with a smile that can melts your heart.

Kitty enjoy the rug being soft, clean and it has a low land impact of 1 which makes it perfect for any home anywhere. Here are the Green and Blue version. Tell you a secret, these rugs are self cleaning too, no matter what came onto them!

Pretty other colors? There is the Red as well as the Brown version. Kitty likes all of them, especially the red one. They are perfect for any home!

You will find all of these cute Ice Cream Rug at the Dazzle event now:

Reviver Eclipse Tattoo

Even want to feel how it is like to have all the stars on you? The Eclipse Tattoo from Reviver puts hte cosmos right onto you. not just the stars, but everything else including the sun and the moon too!

The tattoo gives you cover in various spots including the crescent and the sun on your chest and plenty of stars on your thigh. You will find plenty of chance to show off these nice tattoo with common outfits.

Here is a close up of the front tattoo and you can see how the stars forms a trail of wonders from your legs to your tummy all the way up. 

The back continues to show off the great wonders of the sky featuring planets and plenty more stars of various sizes all the way up your butts. This would be the great excuse to get that low back dress now!

Grab a demo and buy over at the Reviver store:

Or get it right off the Marketplace today:

Smooching Serpents Wet Dreams

The Wet Dreams from Smooching Serpents is a new pool which comes with a large selection of menu from solo, couples and including 3some and 4some! Yes, 4some is not something you see often even in sex furnitures and this is one of them!

The pool can be very classy and you get various props rez including the buoy. The pool is separated into 2 sections where actions can happen in both areas.

Whether you can to just swim or relax around, there are always poses for solo or with friends with nothing serious going on. Just let you hair down and relax in the magically always clean water of the Wet Dreams anytime of the day. There are underwater lights for your swim even if you are considering doing it in the dead of the night.

Even if the pool looks entirely innocent, it doesn't means there is nothing sexy and hot going on. There are plenty of sexy menus including the BDSM ones which Kitty is unfortunately trapped in. The Wet Dreams fully supports the EXP experience or RLV, whichever is supported for realistic roleplay.

The smaller section of the pool may look small, but trust me it is more than enough for anything. Look at how the pool size up when Kitty is playing in it. It is enough to fit a few more actually. Come join in the fun?

You can visit Smooching Serpent to try out this new pool before purchase:

It is also available on the Marketplace:

StoraxTree Delicate Garden Grey

StoraxTree has a series of flowers under the Delicate Garden labels for this Dazzle event and all of them as perfect for your little garden or indoor decoration.

Here are all the 5 colors available in the series and you can tell whether close or far, their colors are distinct and attractive on its own.

Here is a close up of the Delicate Garden flowers which you can tell are a good mixture of morning glories with large petals and brightly colored mixed with little whites and plenty of greenly leaves for the lively feeling.

Get these beautiful flowers at only $60L each at the StoraxTree booth at Dazzle event now:


A&A Pastel Colors Special

Looking at this poster, Kitty can only described her feeling as overwhelming. You are right, this is a post not about 1 or 2 hairs, but 9 in total! This is a special bundle which is only available at the Dazzle event now. Kitty can't wait to try them all out.

All the hairs in this special pack comes with the pastel colors including this Celebration hair which ihas a nice braid over the top and strings running by your shoulders. You can go for something amazing such as the sea blue here or even something like red or purple!  

The Delilah hair has a complex bond on the back and giving you a lot of options to color it in the soft rainbow of the pastels color. Kitty is wondering why the lake monster is mimicking her colors...

If you prefer short hair for a chance sometimes, there is always the Suki hair here which comes with similar colors and here is the light purple tint which can be easily done via the HUD included. Notice the hair accessories? For all the hairs that comes with some form of accessories, they can be individually colored as well. 

The Timeless hair is wonderful one its own, but having it in pink is probably one of the best thing Kitty did to it. It gives the over a feel of easy casual style and is perfect for times to hang out with friends and maybe even making new ones.

Dany is probably inspired by the Monster of Dragons as Kitty suspected but even without dragons it looks cool and in this blue and pink combination, it is the perfect hair for the Mother of Unicorns!

Now comes another fantastic announcement by Kitty. Each of these 9 hairs are also available over at the Dazzle event now at $250L. But the good news is that if you wants at least 2 of these hairs, you can just pay $499L and get this fantastic Pastel Color Special set instead. That means it is only about $56L each hair!

What are you waiting for? Head down to the A&A booth at Dazzle now:

P.S. There is a fantastic gift over at the booth as well!


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.