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TRS Designs Avril Dress Heart

TRS Design has a new dress at the Dazzle event and it is the Avril Dress Heart which has a nice cute heart design on the chest that nobody will miss on the black back color.

Here we have a really good view of the dress that clear shows the red heart on the black dress and you will also notice the golden stripes near the edge of the dress. Good thing this is in black, I suppose the gas won't fill itself...

Whether is a outing in the sun or just a short bicycle ride along the harbor, there is always a reason for the Avril Dress as it is cheerful and protects you well from the wind and sun. I guess it is also a plus that it is in the 2 favorite colors of Kitty : Red and Black!

The Avril Dress Heart is an exclusive to the Dazzle event of March, so get it soon:


Emerald Couture Wild Side

The Wild Side mini dress from Emerald Couture comes in 7 fantastic colors and this is going to take you on a swing to your wild side with the dashing design.

There is nothing better to be in than the Wild side on such a sunny day by the water front. Can you see the details of Wild Side even from this distance?

If you prefer something darker, you can always consider the Purple Wild Side which is similaryl dashing but with darker prints. Here, you can observer the strings and side of the outfit which give the outfit plenty of depth, but yet perfect for tanning.

If dark is your preference, the Black version would be perfect. Look at how sexy the Wild Side can be! Better get your Wild Side and join Kitty quickly over at the fire pit now!

Check out the other colors available for the Wild Side at the Dazzle event now :

Smash Zebra Whisperer Lipstick

Smash has a new lipsticks and it is really a ride on the wild side with the Zebra Whisperer thats comes in 6 colors for the Catwa head.

Do you think this Blue goes well with the dress? The selection of colors in the Whisperer pack ensure you have something for anything you wear!

You can always try out other colors such as the red here. The Zebra Whisperers comes with white strips just like the Zebras in Africa and you can see how the red colors matches Kitty's eye shadows!

Get the exclusive Zebra Whisperer Lipsticks from Smash today over at the Dazzle event:

AvaGirl Soraya Heels


The Soraya Heels from AvaGirl is a companion pair of high heels which goes together with the Soraya Bathing Suit:

Similar to the Soraya Bathing Suit, the Heels is accompanied with a series of golden chains to preserve similar style.

The Soraya Heels is perfect for formal or simply casual times as it is elegant and comfortable. Feel free to enjoy some wind and sun with this nice pair of nice heels!

The Soraya Heels is an exclusive for the Dazzle March event:

AvaGirl Soraya

The Soraya from AvaGirl is a new release bathing suit which features 10 different colors and comes with golden chains without extra charges.

Although this is what you label as a bathing suit, it is perfectly alright to be used as a wear for a beach side chilling day. This also give you plenty of chances for under boobs tanning! Do you like the black Soraya?

If you prefer something closer to water, the blue version fits perfectly. The Soraya bathing suit is perfectly waterproof so feel free to use it as a swim suit too!

The Soraya is an Exclusive for the Dazzle March event at $199L:


Bare Rose Vartan

The Vartan from Bare Rose is a black and red uniform that is suitable for school and it even comes with a crest!

The Vartan contained all the items from the top, skirt to the high socks and the heels. So you are all complete with a uniform that allows you to go straight to school! This is not the Maitreya version, but Kitty manage to get everything working with some small tweaks though.

Here is a close up where you can see the highly detail texture on the dress and you will also notice the cute hair ribbon in black. But of course if that is not what you want, it can always be optionally.

And here you can see the back of the Vartan with the almost tuxedo like skirt and the pair of black hair ribbon which Kitty mentioned. So, it is time for school. If you like to have a closer look at the Vartan, you can check it out and get it at Bare Rose!

Get your Vartan now at the Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Vivired

The Vivired from Bare Rose is a new dress, mainly in Red but with options for the tie,ribbons and dress to be in different colors

Here is one combination of the Vivired with the black tie and white skirt with the ribbon in red. Because there are 3 items which can be changed to either of the colors, you can actually make the Vivired a bit different everytime with a simple click.

How about the skirt and ribbon in black instead and a red tie to go with the dress? No matter what is your preference, it always looks good with the main Red dress and sleeves that comes with the red buckles.

The Vivired comes as a complete outfit like most other Bare Rose products. The black stockings and shoes is not just a good match for the Vivired, but you can actually use it with other outfit as well. The back view of the vivired will allow you to see the fanciful folds on the skirts as well as the 3 pairs of red buckles on the sleeves. I wonder what will the fortune teller say to Kitty. Will she be able to predict what colors Kitty would be wearing in the Vivired?

Get your very own Vivired today and tell Kitty what is your favorite colors:

Smooching Serpents Morphing Room Dystopia

Today Kitty is going to introduce something different from Smooching Serpent. This is not just 1 of a big collection of naughty toys, all build into a nicely themed house in the Morphing Room series. Today, Kitty is going to give you a tour of the dirty and dangerous Dystopia.

The Dystopia is not a stand alone product. Not that you cannot rez it alone though, but life is much easier with the use of the Morphing Home 512, which is available either in store or at the Marketplace:

Kitty had made a few, you can call it error, trying to figure out how to actually use the Dystopia with the Morphing room. But at least she will save you the trouble. First, you will need to rez your Morphing Home 512 and edit it, then going into the [Content] tab, you will add the Dystopia in:

Once this is done. Click onto the lock of the Morphing Home 512 and select your house, where Dystopia will be available as an option. It is as simple as that.

Here is a big overview of the Dystopia from far from the top, because the house is actually pretty huge. Everything on it is included. Well, except Kitty herself, does not come with the Dystopia.

The first thing you maybe notice is the broken down car. But rest assure it is more than meets the eyes. No, it will not transform into a huge robot, but this is actually the Rusty Banger, a stylish car which comes with RLV and many many naughty options. Just this alone is available separately at $1999L. But that is not all, take a closer look at the lamp post behind Kitty. That is the Whore Stop, where you know money exchange and very likely fluid as well.

Entering the garage area you will not see another car though. But instead there is the Scary Scaffold which you probably do not want to climb unless you have no choice. And that could very well happen because it is RLV enabled as well, especially if you are in the mood to get dangerous.

If that is not it, stay on the ground and chill with a fridge and sofa at the other end on the Rough Snuggles & Makeshift, which is also available on its own, but comes with the collection here. Grab a beer, chill and snuggles or engage in something more intimate and romantic, in a very dirty way.

Moving up the stairs, you will see a big bed which, is definitely not the cleanest around. But I guess that is the point of the Fucked Up, which is primary used for some dirty action, with or without permission as this is one of the item from Smooching Serpents that include many forced options. Doesn't that totally redefine the meaning of dirty in many ways.

Think that is the end of the tour? Well, not really step out of the balcony where is there an empty grass patch which you can rez some other stuff if you like, but follow Kitty on the fire stairs and up on the roof, you will find a pool. Whether you are just hanging out with friends, enjoying pizza (nobody will need to clean the pool as Morphing Room can be easily rez and derez with a simple click!) or even having some wet fun with Wet Dream. There are fantastic animations and 3some, even 4some menus so call in all your friends and it is time to get wet!

And this is where all the magic happens. Rez, unrez or even reboot and set permission. All of that can be done with the magic padlock right at by the garage door. If you own other Morphing Rooms, you can just switch to another room easily with a few clicks here. Kitty might show you more rooms in the future, but Kitty assure you this is one of the best in the neighborhood, with great values, especially considering how much you would pay for all the furnitures that comes with it if you would buy them separately.

Get the Dystopia over at the Smooching Serpents store:

And remember to pick up your FREE Morphing Room 512 as well!


Petit Chat Shabby Kitchen Set

Petit Chat has another set of nice furniture for The Chapter Four event and it is a nice kitchen set which include some nice kitchen items you do not find easily.

The Shabby Kitchen comes with a counter top table and a nice tab side stool which includes many sitting position for both boys and girls. 

There are a total of 8 pieces in this set from the baskets, one with the oranges to the jug and cups set which is able to sit nicely in the flowery try. The rolling pin, well can be used for baking or chasing away any unwanted guest to the tea party.

Kitty would like to show you something fun to do with this Tumblers and Pitcher. Looks at all the colors! Yes, these are fully tintable and you can make many many different combinations with a simple edit.

To change the colors, simply right click on it and select "Edit". Then look into the "Texture" Table and click on the Color box (which is in white by default). Select something fun and you can bring you own cup for the party! Food? Well, there are plenty of oranges, isn't it? :)

Get all of these for only $285L at The Chapter Four event now:


Bare Rose Red Heartima

The latest outfit from Bare Rose is a heart warming Valentine themed dress in 2 of Kitty's favorite colors - Black and Red! 

There is still time to look great for Valentine and friendly on your pocket as well because the Red Heartima is affordable and it look really sweet from any angle! Notice the cute ribbons and heart laces on the shoes. You just can't get any sweeter than this. 

Here is a close up of the red heart on the black boots if you missed it. Also notice the heart shaped bunny ears like head dress! Every little details were designed with Valentine in mind.

Even from the back, there is a large red ribbon which nobodu would miss. I wonder who is Kitty waiting for under the tree?

The Red Heartima is available at Bare Rose Main Store at only $210L :


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.