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LR Chandar Bow

LR has another item on sale at the December We Love Roleplay event and it is a beautifully carved  bow with a matching quiver.

The quiver can be strapped to your back or simply hang comfortably on your thigh for easy access. The bow comes with the Anti cheat system which had been in all LR weapon, making this a very compatible weapon for most sims.

There are altogether 5 parts of the bow which you can choose from one of the texture above and the HUD also allows you to make changes to the size and color in general. There is also a Radar HUD included with the bow, which is rather useful for tracking your target in confusing or restrictive environment.

And here is a close up of the Chandar Bow in Kitty's customized colors. Do you think Kitty will end up hitting something? We hope so, but we also hope that it won't be us.

Get the Chandar Bow from LR at the We Love Roleplay event now at 25% off:

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