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LR Butterfly Dagger

LR Weapons has a new release for the We Love Roleplay event and one of them is a beautiful dagger which comes in sever damage versions and it can be used as a melee or thrown weapon! But all of them will still look fantastic with the unique butterfly handles!

The dagger can be shealth on your arm or legs and on either side (Yes, why not both sides!). There are also lower lag versions as well. But Kitty is going to show you a place rather unique to keep this weapon.

Although everything looks peaceful, but you can never be too careful. Have you spotted the Butterfly dagger? Yes! It can also be disguised as a hairpin!

There are actually 3 HUDs included in the package. The LR Weapon HUD is a common HUD which is available for all LR Weapons and it includes common weapon control functions. The Crosshair HUD contains the controls for the cross hair for its size and color. The Unique HUD for the Butterfly Dagger is the above which changes the size and texture of the dagger for your perfect roleplay!

And here is a close up of the Butterfly Dagger. I hope you do not confused it with those flying among the flowers, because this will cut and Kitty promise you you will bleed and it will be very painful!

Get the Butterfly Dagger at 25% over at the We Love Roleplay event now:

P.S. There is also a secret item on sale at 50% from LR!

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