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Lekilicious Store Dara Gliter Dress

The Dara Gliter Dress from Lekilicious Store is a sparkling sexy outfit for this coming Christmas and it is an exclusive at the Dazzle event.
The included HUD allows you to change the dress into one of the 3 glittering colors here.

Let's start with the Blue Dara and you can see that it is a really cooling and seductive outfit that bring out the feminine side from you. 

The Gold version of the Dara is one of the most shiny among the 3 colors and it radiates with a bright golden sparkles. This is definitely the way to get some attention!

The Silver version is not as bright, but still it shines like moon rays on you. Kitty tried it near the fountain and she is convinced that she shines better than the clear crystal water under the pale moonlight.

This is an exclusive item for the Dazzle December event. You can find the Dara over at the Lekilicious Store:



Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.