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Free Dove Hunt December 2018

The Free Dove Hunt for December has Riprock, Tiffany Designs and Stars Fashion giving away some fantastic gifts for the holidays. There are about 6 items found on Free Dove and the rest you can get them at the designers' sims. Get the information by clicking on the poster at the door of Free Dove.

This is how some you can simply just put on the gift items to create a outfit including the jewelry, dress as well as the heels.

Or try another outfit with different combinations. Notice the golden bangles? Well Kitty did not borrow it from Wonder Woman. This comes as one of the gifts!

Unfortunately this is also the last run of the Free Dove Hunt, so do hurry as there are only a few days left:

P.S. There are 2 missing items from Riprock on the Free Dove sim.

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