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Charme Naomi

The Naomi is a cute set of hair from Charme is available in 5 different sets of colors, easily controllable via the included HUD. 

Let's get adventurous and there is no better way to do it then to try out the blue color from the Fantasy range. It is a strike bright color that will definitely catches all attention.

If you prefer something more traditional, there is always the good old black and the balls of hair really reminds of you anime characters such as Sailormoon right? 

Here is the back view of the hair, in shiny blond and you can see the layers and comb lines which really makes this hair feels so silky real. The hair has also a nice feature that exposes part of your ears, giving your earrings the shine it would deserve.

The Naomi is on sale over at Dazzle December and you can't miss it with the huge signboard. Get one of the packs at $199L or all of it for $499L:

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