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Bare Rose Chiyori C2

The Bare Rose Chiyori is a new release and it is a very fun outfit because there are 3 top and 4 bottoms to choose from giving you a total of 12 combinations!

The checked dress is the perfect outfit for a road trip to the country side and in a way, it does make you feel like you are in Scotland!

And here is a close up of the top and the checked bottoms. Notice that there is also a chocker that comes with the outfit along with the cute cap, which never falls off no matter how strong the wind.

The bottom skirt also comes with the plain non-checkered version and here you will notice the cute bow at the top of the long stocking. The Chiyori comes complete from the cap to the shoes so you would not need to get anything else. In additional, if you are getting the Maitreya, there is the Maitreya AutoHide function as well!

You will find the Chiyori C2 at the Latest wall at Bare Rose:

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