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Bare Rose Business Woman MME

While relaxing in the holidays, why not think about a new outfit for work in the coming new year? The Business Woman from Bare Rose is a smart official looking attire fitted for most working women (especially if you are wearing the Maitreya like Kitty!)

The Business Woman comes in Brown and White and you can see how the Brown version goes really well with this office desk. Nobody said you cannot look nice when you are working too!

And the White version is just as smart but it also radiates an aura of clean and pureness. Notice how the black shoes shines. This shoes comes with the outfit and you never have to ever polish it. You can trust Kitty on this!

Get this outfit in 2 great colors is like getting 2 for the price of 1. You will find the Business Woman over at Bare Rose now:

If you are looking for the Maitreya version, you can find it over the Bare Rose Maitreya section:

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