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AvaGirl Legwarmer Ice Skates

If you are choosing a legwarmer for winter, it might as well come with Skating functions! This is what the Legwarmer from AvaGirl do! Become a pro skater without zero training! The legwarmer not only comes with a color texture HUD, but a AO and a Skate HUD as well.

If you are too lazy even to mess around with the AO, you can still performing skates tricks that take forever to master with just a simple click from the HUD.
The AO is simple to use with 5 Figures and 6 tricks to choose from. If you are still too lazy to do this, feel free to choose from the sets!

And here is the legwarmers in close details. Look at the clean texture of the skating shoes and long socks. Does it warm you heart already?

And here is one more trick from Kitty before she share with you the secret of skating!

You will find the magic pair of skates with the Legwarmer over at AvaGirl store:

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