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AvaGirl Kiyomi Kimono and Japanese Sandal Ice Skates

AvaGil has some new items on sale over at The Darkness event. The Kiyomi Kimono is a Japanese dress with a texture HUD that allows you to change into various colors. The Kiyomi is a very special pair of Japanese sandals that doubles as a pair Ice Skates with optional Skating AO or control HUD similar to that from the AvaGirl Legwarmer Skates:

Here you have a close up of the Japanese sandals with the high socks and ribbons. Maybe the designers of AvaGirl love Black and Red as well as Kitty, this is the default color if you do not make any changes and Kitty is perfectly fine with it.

Lie down by the water and enjoy the easy breeze in a comfortable Japanese garden. You must put on the Kiyomi as it is the perfect Kimono to go with the settings. Do you think Kitty looks more sexy or cute in the Kiyomi outfit? I guess it has to be a bit of both!

Kitty mentioned that there is a HUD each with the 2 items and she had made a golden ribbon edition just to show you that other colors can look good too! Do you like the golden ribbons on the Kimono and socks?

Get both the Kiyomi items at The Darkness Event:

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