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AvaGirl Candy Cane Girl

What is sweet, cute and seasonal? It is the Candy Cane Girl from AvaGirl, which is a outfit perfect for this Xmas season!

The first thing you will notice about the Candy Cane Girl is that the are quite a few places where there is sweet candy cane stuff onto the outfit. I guess you will never go hungry! Can you spot where are the candy canes?

Beside the candy canes, the outfit is styled in red and white, fitting the seasons and there are ribbons on the leg warmers and top to add some cuteness to this adorable outfit. Even the elephants is impressed by it!

Get your Candy Cane Girl from AvaGirl and you will get a free supply of candy canes for life too:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.