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AvaGirl Candice

AvaGirl has a new exclusive over at Dazzle and it is a Christmas themed sexy lingerie and dress named Candice!

The lingerie part of Candice can be easily applied using the given Applier for Maitreya and it looks really sexy with the laces and it is in black! You will also notice the cute choker and long boots which really adds some depth to this outfit.

Here is the dress for the Candice and in the right lighting settings, the dress actually sparkles like red jewels. There is also no need to mess with the appliers as the dress covers it nicely.

Here is a close up of the boots and you can see there are red belts and buttons which really makes the boots really so pretty instead of just plain black.

This is an exclusive items for the Dazzle event, so make sure you get it before 25th Dec:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.