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Kiyomizu Winter Hunt 2018-2019

The Cute Ninja Cat is at it again. Come catch all of them for fantastic prizes and you may need Kitty's Guide to the Kiyomizu Hunt :

You will find 78 prizes now and all 78 are found by Kitty!
Start your hunt now as this will end on 7th Jan 2019:

Bare Rose Shirouchikake

Ever imagine what a kimono will look like being white as snow? This is the Shirouchikake from Bare Rose and it comes complete with the hair accessories and a paper fan as well.

They say a snow girl is dangerous, especially one as white as Kitty. But you never know, she might be the crane girl! The white Shirouchikake gives a sense of pureness and you can see how the silky kimono reflects off even the pale rays of this winter.

Here is another look where you can see the beautiful hair pieces as well as the sandals. The outfit is complete and mesh compatible.

In the cold winter, is this the only flowers that bloom? See the hair pieces which features flowers here. Kitty is definitely going to make this winter more colorful and bright with this.

There is only one place where you can get the original Shirouchikake from Bare Rose :

Bare Rose Miraguede

The Miraguede from Bare Rose comes in 2 colors - Green and Black and it is styled like the silk dancers but with much better textures for a more modern look.

Other than being dressed for the kill, literally, as an assassin, you can use this for a sexy pole dance just to let you hair down and enjoy the neon light and flashy music. Look at how the Black Miraguede totally allow Kitty to swing and twirl without getting in the way. The hand and face veil adds to the mystery about this playful cat girl.

The Green version looks similar but gives you an alternative if you prefer not to be dark as black and both outfit are equally sexy especially from the back! Looks like Kitty is all equipped to be a dancer just with the Miraguede from Bare Rose.

Since you get both the Black and Green, there is no stopping you to mix them in any way you like. Kitty tried a little and the results seems to be pretty good. Now are you coming along or not?

No sharing! Get your own Miraguede from Bare Rose today:


L.S.D. Couture Xmas Carolz

The Xmas Carolz is a warm Christmas outfit that supports Slink, Maitreya and Belleza with 12 colors to choose from easily from the HUD.

Can you already feel the join of Xmas with this pinkish look. She may not be Santa, but definitely very happy to meet all the nice boys and girls this Christmas!

If you like something a little cooler in color, try this blue tone, but Kitty did something a little playful with the belt! Did you notice the belt is in red? Simply clicking on the ribbon on the HUD allow you to change the bely color independently from the dress so you actually can mix and match the colors if you like!

This dress is designed to accompany the Mani Pedi 12 Dayz of Xmas showcased at the Dazzle December event now:

Great news! There is a 50% off the FATPACK of the Xmas Carolz at $800L or get your favorite color at $175 each from the Mani Pedi Store:

Mani Pedi 12 Dayz of Xmas

Dazzle December has Mani Pedi showcasing the 12 Dayz of Xmas nail polish. Yes, that is 12 different colors for 12 different days if you like on this holiday season!

The 12 Dayz of Xmas is bright and glittering. Even from a distance you can see the sparkles from the nails in red this festival!

There are 12 different colors, so you are all free to try. Do you like this purple shine? I am sure it will get everyone's attention. The great thing is that it works out of the box with Maitreya as this is what Kitty is wearing!

Get your 12 Dayz of Xmas from the Mani Pedi booth over at Dazzle soon as the end of the year is coming:

Free Dove Hunt December 2018

The Free Dove Hunt for December has Riprock, Tiffany Designs and Stars Fashion giving away some fantastic gifts for the holidays. There are about 6 items found on Free Dove and the rest you can get them at the designers' sims. Get the information by clicking on the poster at the door of Free Dove.

This is how some you can simply just put on the gift items to create a outfit including the jewelry, dress as well as the heels.

Or try another outfit with different combinations. Notice the golden bangles? Well Kitty did not borrow it from Wonder Woman. This comes as one of the gifts!

Unfortunately this is also the last run of the Free Dove Hunt, so do hurry as there are only a few days left:

P.S. There are 2 missing items from Riprock on the Free Dove sim.

Bare Rose Business Woman MME

While relaxing in the holidays, why not think about a new outfit for work in the coming new year? The Business Woman from Bare Rose is a smart official looking attire fitted for most working women (especially if you are wearing the Maitreya like Kitty!)

The Business Woman comes in Brown and White and you can see how the Brown version goes really well with this office desk. Nobody said you cannot look nice when you are working too!

And the White version is just as smart but it also radiates an aura of clean and pureness. Notice how the black shoes shines. This shoes comes with the outfit and you never have to ever polish it. You can trust Kitty on this!

Get this outfit in 2 great colors is like getting 2 for the price of 1. You will find the Business Woman over at Bare Rose now:

If you are looking for the Maitreya version, you can find it over the Bare Rose Maitreya section:

Bare Rose Santa Zeno Lady

Bare Rose has another smart looking Christmas outfit named Santa Zeno Lady. It is a almost Spanish looking outfit with lots of golden buttons and buckles with a big top hat. 

They say the Lady in Red is always the mysterious one and this is exactly the feeling you get when Kitty is wearing this flashy Santarina outfit and walking though the path. You can see how light reflects off the red long dress, so make sure you have a good environment to enjoy this Mesh outfit!

Close up you can see how well this fit in with the Santa theme in red. Time to take a break, o you think the elves will mistake Kitty as Santa Claus?

Time to bring out the inner Santa in you with this Santa Zeno Lady at Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Vlazer

It is the holiday season and we all know that crimes never takes a break. If you want to be or even look like a Super Heroines, why not get into the feel of the holiday as well? The Vlazer from Bare Rose give you the chance today to fight crime in Christmas style!

The Vlazer is red and white on most part of the outfit, blending into the holiday season, but still keeping the badass wavy look of the Super Heroine. Even if this is Christmas, crime does not pay when you have Kitty patrolling the street with the Vlazer.

Do you know what even with the awesome look on Vlazer, it does not hinders all your super movement. This is the Maitreya version and you can see how fitting it is. Like most other Bare Rose outfit, they had been thoroughly test to ensure it fit with the minimum adjustment required.

Look no further, if you want to join Kitty on her Christmas crime fighting, get your Vlazer from Bare Rose now:

Bare Rose Red Holy Might

Even Christmas needs a figure of power sometimes and the Red Holy Might from Bare Rose is going to make you feel like an Empress today!

The Red Holy Might comes with everything you see here, including the sapphire star specter. You will find very matching Christmas red and royal gold from head to toe. Even Rudolph is paying attention now.  

And here is a close up of the gown where you can see the smooth long cape flowing just behind you as you walk or even lie down. The cape is even transparent so it really give you the feeling you are so high up above. Instead of a hard crown, you get a soft hat which feel much warmer in this winter.

Everyone can be an Empress, but first you will need a suit of the Red Holy Might from Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Yorukawa Dolly

Having too much of red and Christmas? Why not try something a little different for this holiday? Bare Rose has a cute unicorn outfit Yorukawa Dolly and it will melt everyone's heart!

From head to toe, you can feel the dolly look with cute laces and the side of the dress is filled with cute unicorns! If you look closely you will even see the little wings on the back.

Here is a closer look an you can see the flower laces on the stockings as well as the layered colors rims of the dress. Nothing beats the stars and unicorns together!

Want to look as cute as Kitty? Get your very own Yorukawa Dolly from Bare Rose:


Brii Night Hunt for Peace 2

The Brii Night Hunt for Peace 2 is on and there are 10 Christmas outfit to be found at $6L each!

Hold on to your sledge for a ride to start the hunt:


Bare Rose Chiyori C2

The Bare Rose Chiyori is a new release and it is a very fun outfit because there are 3 top and 4 bottoms to choose from giving you a total of 12 combinations!

The checked dress is the perfect outfit for a road trip to the country side and in a way, it does make you feel like you are in Scotland!

And here is a close up of the top and the checked bottoms. Notice that there is also a chocker that comes with the outfit along with the cute cap, which never falls off no matter how strong the wind.

The bottom skirt also comes with the plain non-checkered version and here you will notice the cute bow at the top of the long stocking. The Chiyori comes complete from the cap to the shoes so you would not need to get anything else. In additional, if you are getting the Maitreya, there is the Maitreya AutoHide function as well!

You will find the Chiyori C2 at the Latest wall at Bare Rose:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.