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StoraxTree Birdcage Series at Dazzle

There are 4 items with the BirdCage theme from Storax Tree at this November's Dazzle event. The unique feature is that it has incorporated the bird cage item into the furniture item such as the one above where the bird cage forms the foundation of the vase itself.

It is not magic, but when a vase is flip over, it can easily become a lamp and this is exactly what the StoraxTree lamp stand is like. The same beautiful design with the bird cage and flowers, no provides the lighting to your home in a warm glow even in rainy days.

There are some variations of course and the StoraxTree BirdCage Candle is created with the same theme, with 3 cages put together for its height and a bright candle that last forever. Now that is a trade secret Kitty let out of the bag!

They just look like a complete set that should do no justice separated. The lamp on left and the vase on the right with the candle right in the middle! Kitty love the Celtic design and it is likely she would decorate her home with lots of these Birdcage items.

There is still one more item from this series and it is a stand lamp which is significantly taller for a good reason. The Metal and Stone Tall Lamp will give you all the light require for your home!

There is always places to put the Tall Lamp because it just sit around with a small amount of impact to whatever design you have for you home. It doesn't take up too much space and does not get in the way. And most of all, it looks really good in the corners!

You will find these Birdcage items from StoraxTree over at the Dazzle event now:

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